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How are the group lessons?

The group lessons take place twice a week and last 45 minutes. The group must agree on days and times they may be available for the classes. Once it is settled, the calendar can be rescheduled at the beginning of each month.  


During these private sessions, your group will have my attention to ensure maximum time utilization so that the whole session will be focused on your collective needs. First, I will analyze your proficiency levels to define what linguistic elements we will work on in a personalized way. During the lessons, we may practice conversation so I can give feedback on the group's overall performance. We can also work on grammar questions and focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening, business English, TOEFL prep, IELTS prep, and more! 


There is no registration fee or learning material cost. I will provide quality class material according to the demand and share all session contents in a PDF file. If you feel like it, you can bring your own English books, or I can share something from my Google Drive library. 


If you have a group with similar English goals, this model has many advantages over traditional classes. Here are some of the key features:


By sharing the cost with your classmates, you will need to invest less than in private sessions.


We are free to work with any methods and materials which will be adapted to your pace and style of learning.


I will consider your group's goals (academic, professional, or tourism), your current English knowledge, and your availability in order to help you develop the skills needed to master the target language.

Estudo Online
Working from Home

Why Zoom sessions?

Videoconferencing is great because it is safer, cheaper, and highly convenient for all of us. Current technology already allows us to have the same experience as a face-to-face meeting without the need for displacement. To make it happen, I use Zoom which is the fastest and most reliable free video conferencing software on the market. It allows audio, video, and screen sharing even in slower connections.

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